Career Edutech

Our Library

We have a full packed Library here at Career Edutech full of Technical, Management and many more other books


In addition to materials in the library’s print collection – books (Malcolm Sargeant, Paul Stockley), special materials like rare books (Stephanie Vardavas) and current magazines (Natalia Goncharova) – answerers noted access to online resources, including databases and popular eBooks (Cristina Hartmann) as well as video and educational games on the library’s children’s computers (Paul Stockley) and downloadable media (Jonathan Karmel).


“The library should be a more attractive option than just staying home” (Jostein Austvik Jacobsen). Positive qualities of a well-designed public library space: – comfortable spaces supporting a variety of work and leisure activities, such as studying, talking, and reading (Fred Landis, Paul Stockley, Jostein Austvik Jacobsen, Natalia Goncharova) – natural lighting (Fred Landis) – clean (Fred Landis, Cristina Hartmann, Natalia Goncharova) – open (Fred Landis, Cristina Hartmann, Natalia Goncharova) – secure (Cristina Hartmann) – visually appealing children’s areas (Natalia Goncharova) – nearness to cafe (Paul Stockley)

Features Of Our Library

1.Fully AC
3.24×7 Study Center
4.Clean Atmosphere
5.RO Water
6.Daily Newspaper (Hindi/ English)
7.Monthly Magazine