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Hi! We are Career Edutech India, the place, where a story takes place 365 days in the year. I am not merely an Institute where people come and go just by enquiring, attending and participating in sessions for English Learning or Public Speaking exposure but I am a self-entity whose soul gets enlightened every now and then when participants open their heart not just to their trainers but to me, yes to my soulful infrastructure.
I have witnessed the blissful smile on tearful face gazing at my walls, shaking confidence on determined looks promising me that I can and I will reinvent my story here by emerging as a confident communicator and a thriving Public speaker. I am a proud institution not just because my ascending curve of successful training of on an average 3000 participants a year but also for being recognized a unified place for graduates as well as professionals. Of course, I improvise myself almost every day when I hear the story of a Pep-Talker working in MNC at the same time listening to another Pep Talker talking about his struggle as a Business Associate. From back-benchers to bureaucrats, from postgraduates to politicians, from Indians to Foreigners I hold the secret of each individual walked in here with a big No No in their confidence and self-image and walked back with the charm in their personality and Midas touch in their Public Speaking. You might feel dizzy while calculating my experience and my eloquent ability to talk at such a small age, but they say – “It always looks impossible, until it’s done”. While others were busy coping and envying us, we were engrossed creating the lead in this age-old art of Public speaking. I believe, that made me better each day and today I have become the first choice of the learners who seek an artistic appeal in their delivery of any Talk.

The biggest weapon in the world is the Word if you know how to deliver it. Only Speaking is not enough, you gotta learn how to prepare it. Your personality shouldn’t just flaunt with each one you embrace. But your persona should Pep Talk while public speaking with grace. People read your body language, first impression, and the competence. Pep Talk innovates the art of public speaking with confidence. Your world is loaded with words; let’s figure out your best talk. Empower the soul with the great Talk, epic story of Career Edutech

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